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  • Now also rail library for Peco Code75 gauge H0m (12mm) available!
    The library can be downloaded here.
  • Track library H0 Roco Line suppl. with 9° turn table (Download).
  • Track library H0 Roco Line w. bed suppl. with 9° turn table (Download).
  • Track library Märklin MyWorld: crossing corrected (Download).
  • Update for Railroad-Professional®  Version 3.0.11.
    Replaces the update from 06/08/2019 (version 3.0.10), which unfortunately contained a bug that could lead to a blurred display and an offset between mouse and selection frame. The new version can easily be installed over version 3.0.10.
  • Update for Railroad-Professional®  Version 3.0.10.
    Updated setup package. Contains all new or updated libraries since the last version (3.0.8, dated 11/08/2018). No functional changes have been made to the program. If you own the previous version (3.0.8) and are only interested in the new/updated libraries, you can download them from the library page (see explanations at the top of this page).
  • Libraries for the following rail systems actualized / supplemented:
    • H0 - Fleischmann - Profi Tracks (for Download)
    • N   - Trix - Mini (for Download)
  • Now also libraries for the following rail systems available:

For information about the track planning software Railroad-Professional®, click here.

Track planning software at its best: technically precise planning for model railway layouts combined with an intuitive, easy operation. It comes with many free libraries of track systems from leading manufacturers. This software helps you creating your layout in no time!